Private higher educational establishment "Medical College" was founded on February, 27 2003 as the associated company "Medical College" of the company with limited liability " Avers ". The reorganization in Private Higher Educational Establishment "Medical college" was conducted on January, 24 2005

A Medical College is a juridical person, it has an independent balance, calculating, current accounts in establishments of bank, own seal with the name, and all the other attributes of juridical person.

The Statute of the Medical College is registered by the Department in matters of trading, communal of Ternopil city council (registration number 26197425Þ0020305 from 28.03.2003), and 12.04.2005. and in 31.08.2007 the state re-registering of constituent documents (the number of record in a state register 16461050001000703) was conducted and ratified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine . (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine ¹ 540 from 25.06.2007)




Administratively educational corps of medical college the city of Ternopil, Textylna Street  8



A Medical College was included to the Unique State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine by the Ternopil Regional Management of the State Broker of Statistics of Ukraine after the ¹ 22-3 from 01.04.2003.

Private Higher Educational Establishment "Medical college" was entered in the State Register of Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine. (A certificate about the entering of the higher educational establishments in the State Register of Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine ¹ 20-1118 from 08.02.2008)




KRYVOKULSKA GALYNA OLEGIVNA is a doctor of higher category.

She was graduated from a Ternopil State Medical Institute with the Diploma with honour in 1983 for speciality “Medical case”.

She worked as a cardiologist in Rivne region. Since 1987 till 2011 occupied a position of the chief of the department, the chief of LKK MSCh Vatra.

Since February 2011 till January 2013 was a headmaster of Associated Company “Desna” LTD of the medical centreMedivit”.


In accordance with the Statute, one of the main tasks of the Medical college is introduction of educational activity which includes an educational, educate, scientific, cultural, methodical activity; preparation of specialists of educationally qualifying levels: a junior specialist and bachelor in the field of health protection.


A teaching and educational process is conducted according to the Constitution of Ukraine, by the Law of Ukraine "About Education", by the Decree of the President of Ukraine from July, 4, 2005 "About the Urgent Measures on Providing of Functioning and Development of Education in Ukraine", by "Statute about Organization of Educational Process in Higher Educational Establishments" from June, 2, 1993 ¹ 161, by the State National program "Education" (Ukraine XXI age), the conception of upbringing in the national system of education.



A college has such structural sub-units in its compositionlibrary;


§                       methodical cabinet;

§                       stomatology educational cabinet;

§                       dental orthopedic laboratory;

§                       clinic of eye microsurgery and aesthetically medicine;

§                       students’ canteen;

§                       dormitory;


Direction and specialities in the training of specialists.


            Direction 1201 “Medicine”                                       licence amount


5.12010101        “Medical case”                                                  40 persons

5.12010102        “Nursing”                                                          60 persons

5.12010105        “Obstetrics”                                                      30 persons

5.12010104         Stomatology                                                 30 persons

5.12010106         Stomatology orthopaedic                             30 persons

6.120101             “Nursing”                                                         30 persons



                        Direction 1202 “Pharmacy”     


5.12010120          “Pharmacy”                                                    30 persons


The teaching staff of our institution consists of 87 teachers. They secure the qualitative training of specialists. Among them are: 1 professor, 4 senior lectures, 12 candidates of medical science, 1 candidate of political science, 1 candidate of pedagogical science, 10 receivers of scientific degree “candidate of science.”



There are three departments:


§                  department of nursing

§                  department of medical case, obstetrics and stomatology

§                  department of pharmacy


and seven cycle commissions:


§               cycle commission of humanity, social and economical subjects;

§               cycle commission of natural and scientific subjects;

§               cycle commission of chemical and pharmaceutical  subjects (graduating commission for  5.12010120 “Pharmacy”);

§               cycle commission of therapeutic  subjects (graduating commission for  5.12010101 “Medical case”)

§               cycle commission of surgical subjects and stomatology  (graduating commission for  5.12010104 “Stomatology” and 5.12010106“Stomatology orthopaedic”)

§               cycle commission of obstetrics, gynaecology and pediatrics  (graduating commission for  5.12010105 “Obstetrics”)

§               cycle commission of nursing (graduating commission for 5.12010102 “Nursing” and 6.120101 “Nursing” )