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about distance learning

in the higher private educational institution "Medical College"


1. Main terms

1.1 Regulations on distance education (hereinafter - Regulations) in the private higher educational institution "Medical College" (hereinafter - Medical College) is a statutory document that governs the organization of the process of distance learning in medical college.

1.2 This situation developed in accordance with the Regulations on distance learning, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 21.01.2004 N 40.

1.3 Distance Learning in Medical College implemented through Distance Learning Center (DLC). DLC is part of the "Medical College" to regulatory and legal framework, organized structure, personnel, logistical and financial support. The main objective DLC - implementation of distance learning at higher levels.

1.4 When distance learning refers to the transfer process and individualized learning, skills and techniques of cognitive human activity, which occurs indirectly far-flung participants in the specialized learning environment is created on the basis of modern psycho-pedagogical and ICT . In the process of learning using distance learning courses and information products that are sufficient for training in specific disciplines.

2. Structure and function of the Distance Learning Center (DLC)

2.1 DLC HPEI "Medical College" certified bank supports distance learning courses that are integrated with each other specialized information and communications network.

2.2 Distant Learning Center provides

     Current coordination functioning on Distant learning development, namely on elaboration statutory documents for DLC activity, Distant Learning scientific base, including Distant Learning technologies, and its scientific- methodological, technical, system, personnel and material- technical ensure and criteria, methods and systems of distant learning control elaboration.

     Distant course elaboration and participation in approved Distant course bank creation;

     Teaching activity accomplishment based on Distant learning technologies, among them final control Distant learning individuals including directions and professions for which Distant courses are elaborated by different educational establishments.

     Retraining and raising the level of personal skills on Distant learning technologies on the regional level.

     Participation in international cooperation in Distant learning sphere.

     New Distant courses approbation in conditions of real learning process.

     Uniting region educational establishments efforts for ensuring Distant learning on all directions and learning levels.

     Cooperation with institutions of local governing with the aim of regional needs in training and retraining satisfaction and (or) profile broadening (raising the level of personal skills).

     Distant course didactic and methodological ensure elaboration and course creation on given training directions.


2.3 Approved Distant course bank DLC (further ADCB) is divided information resource, which can be situated on server DLC with virtual management centralized system and protection from unofficial access and information copying. Distant Courses assessment is fulfilled by expert commission by Coordinating board (further Coordinating board) on basis defined by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science at suggestion Distant course authors or persons who represent their interest.


3. Distant Learning System Management

3.1. DLC management is made by Medical College Director and immediately by Center Head, who:

     Make decision as for medical college joining the system of Ukrainian Distant learning and ensure holding necessary arrangements which give medical college the right to carry out Distant learning on chosen directions (professions).

     Ensure training personal for Distant learning form introduction.

     Ensure presentation for attestation Distant courses elaborated in Medical college.

     Ensure scientific methodological, technical- systematic and material technical Distant learning support.

     Realize control on Distant learning quality.


4. Distant Learning Standards.

4.1. Distant learning form is based on state higher education standards and Distant learning technologies.

4.2. Distant learning technologies standards and recommendations as for their introduction are elaborated by Commission technical systematic ensuring and Distant learning standardization by Coordinating board Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science.

4.3 requirements to learning courses structure and format and their management are formed on international standards concerning distant courses basis formulated in SCORM(Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model).


5. Distant Learning System Organizing Basis.

5.1 DLC can have branched structure and include not only medical college subdivisions (laboratories) but also other educational establishments including foreign on the ground of proper arrangement according to current legislation.

5.2 Creation, completion and using Medical college attestated distant courses bank informational resources is made by juridical and individual persons on a contractual basis. All distant courses received to attestated distant courses bank previous pass obligatory procedure of attestation on basis defined by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. Attestated distant courses bank is realized by full preserving author and property rights for distant courses and ensuring author control for their usage.

5.3 DLC with the aim of approbation distant learning form or elaborated distant course can independently organize distant learning on any subjects after consideration and approval course materials by medical college cycle commission.

5.4 DLS ensures guaranteed distant learning quality due to:

     Usage in learning process attestated distant courses

     Realization periodic monitoring distant learning quality.


6. Learning process organization peculiarities according to distant learning form.

6.1. Learning process participants.

6.1.1. Learning process participants that takes place according to distant learning form are:

     Medical college staff, who ensure teaching process, including scientific pedagogical and pedagogical staff (further teachers) and administrative, engineers and technicians and subsidiary staff(system administrator, programmers and so on).

     Information technology specialists, distant learning administrators, engineers and technicians, methodologist, laboratory assistant (further staff).

     Persons who learn (students, further students).

6.1.2. Learning process according to distant learning form interrelation is regulated according to correspondent contracts. In case of misunderstanding between distant learning participants concerning learning process quality or its organization all misunderstanding questions are solved by Coordinating board. If litigants dont reach any agreement in Coordinating board they have right to stand up for their interests in courts according to current legislation.

6.1.3. Medical college staff, which ensure learning process according to distant learning form must have necessary distant learning technologies qualification level and proper documents that confirm this.

6.1.4. Staff regular number, which ensures teaching process, time amount, that are given teachers for leading lessons of each kind, are determined by correspondent standards, approved by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and Private Higher Educational Establishment Medical college Director.

6.1.5. Pedagogical and scientific pedagogical staff working hours, that ensure distant learning for fulfillment teaching, methodological, scientific, organization and other works in current academic year must not exceed academic working hours determined by Ukrainian Labour Code.

Paying attention to high complication of preparation methodological and didactic distant courses providing in comparison with preparation methodological materials for other learning forms, Medical college managers are allowed to re-distribute working hours between methodological and teaching works to diminution the last according to that determined by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science.

6.1.6. To study in Medical college on distant form or on distant form combined with other forms can Ukrainian and foreign citizens and persons without citizenship according to current legislation and international contracts. Entering and studying conditions on distant form are determined by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and Private Higher Educational Establishment Medical college Entering Rules.

6.1.7. Studying term on distant form is determined by state education standarts or individual curriculum which are elaborated by Medical by a college with the account of the real possibilities of the fulfillment of educational, educational and production and educationally professional tutorials in certain terms.

6.1.8. To the graduating students of the Medical college, that successfully finish the complete course of studies after distance or combined with the distance form of studies and passed state attestation, the proper documents about education of state standard are given out. Students who successfully complete studies after the separate distance courses get the qualifying document (certificate) of the Medical College.

6.1.9. The list of directions, specialities and educational disciplines which preparation after the distance form of studies is assumed, is set by the Department of Education and Science.


6.1.10.The list of educational disciplines and forms of organization of studies with which the distance studies or use of its elements can be provided, is determined by the Medical College.


6.2. Features of organization of educational process of the distance education.

6.2.1.The educational process of the distance studies in the Medical College is organized on the basis of curricula which are developed on the basis of branch standards of higher education, on condition of implementation of requirements to all of elements of technologies of the distance studies.

6.2.2.An educational process after the distance form in the Medical college is carried out in such forms: lessons; fulfilling project tasks: practical preparation; control measures.

6.2.3.The basic types of the lessons after the distance studies in the Medical College are: independent study of educational material of the distance course, lecture, consultation, seminar, discussion, practical lesson, laboratory lesson.

6.2.4.An independent study foresees the use of educational materials of the distance courses, that students get over the Internet (intranet, corporate network) and / or on the portable transmitter of information (CD-ROM. DVD-ROM and so on). The requirements in relation to the independent study of educational material of concrete discipline are determined by the tutorial of the discipline, methodical pointing, instructions and tasks which are contained in the distance course.

6.2.5.Lecture is one of the types of the lesson in the distance studies, in which students get information of the lecture material by means of the facilities of telecommunication connection with one of the methods:


  audio and visual information of lecture material in the synchronous mode, when students can get information from a lecturer and put him a question in the real measuring of time;


  asynchronous mode, when students get the audio and visual record of the lecture material;


  the mode of the distance multimedia lecture, when a student gets access to materials for the preparation of students from a lecture, which include fulltext material, charts, photos, video and the direct presentation of the lecture.

6.2.6.Consultation is an element of educational process after which students get answers from a teacher on certain questions or explanations of certain theoretical positions or aspects of their practical application distantly.

6.2.7.A seminar is a lesson, which is planned by the program of studies, during which a discussion of the studied theme, to which students prepare the theses of the speech on the basis of the executed tasks, is led.

6.2.8.A discussion is a lesson, the conducting of which is determined by a teacher in connection with the necessity of decision of current problem which arose up for students during studies, by its discussion by students with a teacher and between them.

6.2.9.A seminar and discussion is conducted distantly in the synchronous mode (in the real time) with the use of telecommunication network.


6.2.10.Practical lesson is a lesson, during which the detailed consideration of separate theoretical positions of educational discipline is carried out by the students and ability and skills of their practical application by individual implementation of the tasks by them are formed which are formulated in the distance course. For every practical lesson students use multimedia materials for conducting of practical lessons, placed on the server of the distance studies, which include: fulltext material (with the selection of especially important questions for mastering), charts, pictures, videos. Practical employments are executed distantly, results are sent to the teacher with e-mail.

6.2.11.Laboratory lesson is a form of lesson which provides, that students personally conduct model or imitation experiments or experiments with the purpose of practical confirmation of separate theoretical positions of concrete educational discipline, acquire practical skills of work with laboratory equipment, equipment, measuring apparatus, computing engineering, method of experimental researches in concrete subject branch.

6.2.12.Laboratory lessons depending on direction (specialities) of preparation, level of material and technical equipped of the real laboratories, possibilities of creation and use of virtual laboratories can be carried out in the form of such variants: personally in the specially equipped educational laboratories: distantly with the use of the proper designing programs (emulators), virtual laboratories; after the mixed form (a part - after the first, and a part - after the second variant).

6.2.13.   The list of disciplines which laboratory works is shut out for the distance implementation are determined by the Medical College.

6.2.14.Practical preparation of students is carried out in form of the real professional activity under organizationally methodical guidance of Medical College.

6.2.15.Students of the distance form of studies which work after a select profession are rid of passing of practical preparation.

6.2.16.Control measures for the students of the distance form of studies foresee self-control, entrance, current, border and final control.

6.2.17.Self-control is the primary form of control of students knowledge, which is necessarily provided by a structure and organization of any distance course.

6.2.18.The basic form of entrance, current and border control is testing. In addition, current control is carried out during conducting of practical, laboratory, seminar lessons and discussions.


6.2.19. The estimation of the results of testing, practical and laboratory works takes place distantly in two modes: automated and directly by a teacher.

6.2.20. Examinations and tests are passed by students in the period of examination sessions or after the individual graph which is established by Medical College.

6.2.21. Before the development and introduction of the mechanism of the assured authentication of the participants of the process of the distance studies, examinations and tests are folded personally or distantly in presence of a responsible person or commission which will have plenary powers in relation to the authentication of the person of the student.

6.2.22. The results of a current and semester control (examinations and differentiated tests) are estimated in an order which is determined by the Department of Education and Science, and in accordance with the operating Statute about an examination session.


6.2.23. The results of a semester control are saved in an electronic kind and are duplicated on paper transmitters (examination and test information, personal files and test books).


7. Providing of the distance studies

7.1.     Providing of the distance studies includes such constituents: scientifically methodical providing; stuff providing: technical providing: logistical support.

7.2.     The Scientifically methodical providing of the distance studies is developed by the teachers of the Medical College. The Scientifically methodical providing includes:


scientific bases of the distance studies for all educational levels and directions of preparations, retraining and (or) expansions of type (increase of qualification);


criteria, facilities and systems of checking of quality of the distance studies;


the unique requirements to the curricula, programs and norms of the distance studies, which are due to the state educational standards;

didactic and methodical providing of the distance courses;

methods of development, approbation and introduction of the distance courses;

scientific and methodical bases of functioning of the bank of the attested distance courses.

7.3. The stuff providing of the distance studies is realized by constantly retraining and increase of qualification of the stuff in technologies of the distance studies of such categories of specialists:

Medical College pedagogic and research - educational workers;

specialists in informative and communicative technologies engineers, programmers, system administrators of distant studies;

distant studies managers;

methodologists of distant studies;

distant studies experts;


All specialists, who secure the distant studies, have to be certified and have appropriate documents, which prove their qualification level in distant studies. Medical College guarantees the extension of its workers qualifications, who participate in distant studies for at least once in three years.


7.4 System and technical support includes: hardware, media, software and informational data.

7.4.1 Hardware consists of: servers for the arrangement of distant studies, Web sites and appropriate service departments; working stations for teachers and staff, who provide the process of distant studies, and, also students and pupils, who study distantly; network equipment for joining the servers and working stations in a unified local system and its connection to the internet (intranet).

7.4.2 Telecommunication software consists of: telecommunication equipment, which secures the integration of networks being involved in distant studies; telecommunication equipment, which provides necessary quality and bandwidth of connection canals for interaction of the participants of study process and their access to information resources, which are available within Ukrainian system of distant studies as well as in other informational resources including the internet.

7.4.3 Programme software includes: system software for support of the servers and working stations; applied software for Web sites and informational resources support; applied software for support of distant studies functions, which provide general prop and administration of the distant studies process; applied software for teachers, students and pupils, with the help of which concrete solutions of organizing and leading the educational process in a distant form are realized; applied software for creating educational materials of distant courses( text editors, graphics, video, sound, animation package etc.); another software recommended or spread by the Medical College for its use of people, who study on the distant form of study.

7.4.4. Informational software consists of information resources, which are used in the process of distant studies: separate distant courses, electronic libraries, normative lawful data, which concerns distant studies, other bases and databanks including those in the internet.

7.4 Material and technical software include material objects and equipment, which provide the distant studies process. The requirements to material and technical software of the Medical College are determined according to building, sanitary and hygienic norms.


8. Finance relations in the sphere of distant studies.

8.1. The financing in the system of distant studies is provided by the means of: physical and juridical individuals, who pay for the study; the accomplishment of economic agreements; achieved grants; voluntary payments and donations; other incomings not banned by the efficient legislation.

8.2. Finance relations between the Medical College, organizations and institutions in the sphere of distant studies are provided according to double-sided or versatile documents.


9. The international cooperation in the sphere of distant studies

9.1. The main directions of the international cooperation in the sphere of distant studies for the Medical College are:

   the participation in projects and programmes, which aim at the integration of the Ukrainian distant studies system into the worlds educational system taking into consideration national interests and achievements of the national education, especially the establishment of international virtual medical colleges, which including educational institutions of different countries;

the participation in projects and programmes of national telecommunication networks integration, which take part in distant studies, into European and world research and educational telecommunication networks;

the conduction of mutual scientific researches as for the development of distant studies technologies;

the participation in the international standards development on the distant studies technologies;

providing services for getting the education by the foreign students according to distant studies technologies;

sending on business of pedagogic, research and pedagogic workers and other specialists in order to improve the distant studies qualification according to international agreements of Ukraine, also direct agreements of educational establishments with foreign partners.

9.2 The Medical College has the right to provide international cooperation in the sphere of distant studies, conclude appropriate agreements, establish direct connections with the educational institutions of foreign countries, international companies, founds according to efficient legislation system.


Deputy director

of the Medical College

in educational work Zabolotna L. V.


Deputy director

of the Medical College

in methodological work Hancharyk V.M.


Head of department

of foreign students training at distant studies Pavlyshyn A. V